Friday, May 31, 2013


Do you ever wish you could just wiggle your nose like Samantha did in the old TV show Bewitched , and whatever you wanted would happen instantly?  I have found myself wishing that a lot this week.  Especially, as I have attempted to finish all my garden projects, in preparation for enjoying the outdoors this summer.

Unfortunately,  I was not born with a nose-twitching gene.  I have to do everything the old-fashioned way, one project at a time and sadly,
on occasion. . .one failure at a time.


Recently, I purchased an old shutter and a set of bi-fold doors from a thrift shop.  I had planned to fasten them together into a privacy screen for the end of the patio.  Great idea, right?  Wrong!  I soon realized that the bi-fold doors were too tall to fit the space where I wanted to use them, and that since we get gusty winds with every summer storm that passes our way, they would never stay upright.  Instead, I decided to install a pair of 4x4 posts in the ground (at the edge of the patio) and screw only the just-right-size shutters onto them, making the shutters impervious to the whims of the wind.  That took care of the privacy issue.

But. . .what was I to do with the too tall bi-fold doors?  After surveying the patio, I had a light-bulb moment!

 I would stand them up against the brick wall of the garage as a focal point.  With the addition of my herb-garden urn, some unused picture frames and a couple of chairs, they would create a cozy and unexpected vignette on what had been a plain, and rather dull brick wall!

Don't you just love it when a failed
idea. . . 

turns into something even better than you imagined?  

Who needs a nose-twitching gene anyway?

Thanks for stopping by!

                                   ~Norma Jean~



  1. I love the herb garden in the urn. Is that a fairy house I see?

    1. Thank you, Deb. What you are thinking might be a fairy house is actually what I call a "Bling" light. It's a glass jar covered in glass beads. Inside is a solar light that causes it to glow at night. I have made several this year for my potted plants.