Friday, May 17, 2013


Do you remember Heloise?  Oh, you don't?  Well. . .when I was  young and newly-married, her book was the resident authority on homemaking.  I didn't have the Internet with instant access to vital information.  If I wanted to know the best way to clean my oven, I consulted Heloise's book.  If I wanted to know how to keep ants out of my kitchen...I consulted Heloise.  Heloise was the new housewife's best friend (that's what we were called waaaay back then).

I still have my copy of that little book.  The pages are falling out, and the cover is tattered and stained, but I rarely consult Heloise anymore.  Not because I already know it all, but because today I have the Internet...and blogs...and Pinterest, and video tutorials

I can find instructions for everything on the Internet!  Yeah! Everything! Instructions on how to furnish my house with furniture made from discarded wooden pallets and raising kids and cooking gourmet meals and cleaning ovens and even keeping ants out of my kitchen!  All of that with pictures!

Not just ordinary pictures. Gorgeous, full color, professional-looking pictures.  Pictures that make me drool over strawberry pies and puffy souffles, pictures that
. . .almost. . .make me believe that I could actually demolish and remodel my own bathroom all-by-myself!

I love searching Pinterest,
reading the blogs of those accomplished superwomen,
drooling over the gorgeous photos...
but...sometimes. . .
just sometimes. . .
I long for the "good old days". . .
when all I had to compete with was Heloise and her little book of housekeeping hints.

Thanks for stopping by!

                                                    ~Norma Jean~


  1. Norma,
    I still have her book, one with the green cover!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I do love those Old Curiosity Shop dishes and I am still kicking myself for not buying more of them when i had the chance too!!


    1. Debbie, I was given a service for 8 of the Old Curiosity Shop dishes as a wedding present. I currently have only a large platter left and I too often wish that I had replaced them as I ran across them in thrift stores and antique shops! Sorry, for taking so long to acknowledge your comment. I have given up the idea of blogging as there is so much I don't know about blogging and it is much harder than I imagined it would be to build community. Thanks so much for touching base with me.