Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Playhouse

The garden is finally coming to life after a long, cold, gray Tennessee winter.  It's so amazing to watch!  Having spent almost my entire life in Southern California, where flowers are always in bloom, I never truly appreciated springtime.  I just took all that unending beauty for granted.  Now, I really see the newness of spring, the re-awakening of the trees and flowers.  I notice the call of the birds as they flit about nest-building and something in me awakens too.  I have a desire to get outside and dig in the fertile soil, feel the warmth of the sun on my face, plant, watch, listen, and breathe-in the fragrance of the sweet, clean air.

This winter I have been working on a few new additions for my back garden.  The first is an old armchair I picked up in an antique store for $10.00.  The manager of the store told me that she didn't think anyone would pay good money for that old, broken-down chair.  In fact she suggested that it be thrown in the rubbish bin.  However, the owner of the chair assured her that someone, would see it's "po-ten-tial" and be willing to part with their hard-earned dollars.  And sure enough, there I was, money in hand!   I have to admit that the chair was trashed.  The cane in the back of the chair was badly torn, the top of the chair was broken and hanging by a thread, the rush seat was destroyed and something had obviously been gnawing on one of the legs.  But. . .in that ugly little chair I saw potential!!  I saw beyond it's broken top, torn cane, useless seat, and gnawed leg.  I saw a lovely, purple throne, filled with flowers, bringing beauty and grace to my garden.  I saw it sitting proudly in a spot currently occupied by a very large, very ugly, very dead shrub!

In another part of the yard I'm growing a bottle tree!   Truly. . .I am!!  Not the horticultural kind, but rather one with jewel-toned, cobalt-blue bottles as branches.  I planted a fast-growing vine which will hopefully, twine itself around the "branches" and make a lovely color contrast.  I can see it already: shiny green leaves, cobalt blue glass, gorgeous yellow blossoms, all lifting their faces to the sun.  By summer's end, you'll see it too.

Over in the rose garden I have "planted" a floral toolbox on a pink, painted post, to keep my garden gloves and pruners clean and handy.

And. . .a new cobalt blue gazing ball adds a bit of pizazz to the concrete birdbath.

It was a long wait, but so worth it!  I love my little garden.  Stay tuned for the patio makeover currently in progress.

In the meantime...get outside...get those hands dirty...enjoy spring...'cause you won't see it again 'til next year!

Thanks for stopping by!
                                          ~Norma Jean~


  1. oh my so beautiful, I'm jealous.

    1. Thanks, Deb! I'm working on the courtyard patio right now. Hopefully, I will have that post up in a day or two if the weather cooperates.

  2. It's beautiful and oh so inviting!

    1. Thank you, Deana. I'm so glad that you enjoyed viewing it.

  3. I love the way your purple chair turned out! Your garden and front porch are looking gorgeous and very inviting! It is nice to see Norma being Norma! Keep creating beauty because that is a passion God has placed in you that blesses everyone who knows you.