Thursday, May 9, 2013



Don't you just love old-fashioned southern porches?

 You know, the kind that are filled with Victorian wicker, flowers, ceiling fans and a big, round table large enough to feed eight farmhands?  I often daydream of relaxing on one like that. . . sipping lemonade. . . enveloped in the fragrance of lilacs. . .the soft summer breeze drifting over me. . .

Well, there are day dreams and there is R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!  I have a southern porch alright.  It runs the entire length of the house, but. . .it's very narrow.  You couldn't seat eight farm hands around a table on my porch, even if you used a shoehorn!
So. . . my challenge was to make it inviting and usable, without lining up chairs along the front like a row of tin soldiers on parade.  Hmmm, what if I used a couple of rockers and a clever little table on one side and made a romantic dining spot for two (notice two, not eight!) on the opposite side?

Not wanting this to be an expensive proposition, I decided to see what I already owned that I could use.  I went "shopping" in my storage shed and back yard.  In the storage shed I found a child-sized, wooden ironing board that I re purposed for a side table.  I placed my twenty-plus-year-old Cracker Barrel rockers on one end of the porch, with the newly painted ironing board between them.  A cute lamp, a couple of ceramic coasters (stolen from the sitting room) and a large print purchased from Goodwill ($9.99).


Now, for that romantic table for two. . .

I brought my metal bistro table and two chairs (World Market) from the courtyard and placed them on the opposite end of the porch.  I also had a white, plastic, free-standing shelf that had not found a home yet ($5 from the ReStore).  I added that to the end of the porch to use as a buffet server/plant stand.  A couple of Kroger bargain-barrel prints on the wall ($6.00 each), a few plants, a candle or two. . and VIOLA!  A romantic dining spot for two (notice two, not eight!).

Pretty tassels borrowed from a bedroom
armoire. . .

A few flowers. . .

Well, What do you think?  Did I accomplish my goal?  Is it inviting, usable?

Whew!  After all that activity I'm bushed.  I think I'll go make some lemonade and spend the rest of the afternoon daydreaming on my southern porch!

Oh, if it's not too much trouble, could someone
plant a few lilacs for me?

Thanks for stoppping by!

                                                               ~Norma Jean~


  1. Norma,
    It looks just like I remember. Visiting your house was always such a treat in San Diego. So many little things to find and go awe. You must not have mosquitos though. When we moved east Mark built a porch or two the size of Texas. I dreamed of sitting out and enjoying it. Reality check was the first dozen bites. Wish I was daydreaming with you.

    1. Thanks, Deb. We do have mosquitos here, expecially since we built a huge Koi pond in the front yard. We only have a small window of time when we can enjoy the front porch in the evenings. However, during the morning or early afternoons it's a heavenly place to be. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  2. Make the lemonade, I'm coming over! So... when are doing a make over on MY southern porch?

  3. Can't wait to see it in person...looks great