Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I love holidays. . .Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving. . .all of them.  However, my most favorite is the Fourth of July!

It wasn't always my favorite.  In fact, until recently, I took "it" and all "it" stands for, for granted. 

I grew up never worrying about the freedoms guaranteed to me and every other citizen of this great land.  Freedoms carefully constructed by our forefathers so many years ago.

Lately, however, I have begun to see the foundations of those freedoms beginning to crumble.  I have begun to wonder just how long, we as a nation, will continue to be truly free? Free to worship as we choose; free to choose how and by whom we are governed; free to own firearms; free to speak out against wrong; free to pledge allegiance to our nation's flag; free to fly it over our homes and businesses; free to speak the truth from God's Holy Word.

Because I see the potential for losing these freedoms, they are becoming more precious to me, more worthy of celebration.

This Fourth of July, I will proudly fly "Old Glory".  I will decorate with red, white, and blue.  I will listen joyfully to patriotic music.  I will rejoice in my freedom and I will. . .remember. . .I will remember those who gave their lives to ensure it. . .and I will pray.   I will pray that our nation will turn from it's wickedness, so that God can continue to bless us as He has in the past.  I will pray that my grandchildren and their grandchildren will grow up in a nation where they are safe and secure, where they are free to worship as they please. . . where they can continue to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in it's entirety. . ."one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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                                  ~Norma Jean~


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