Sunday, August 18, 2013


This has been an exciting six weeks in the Lilacs and Lemonade household as we have been doing some redecorating on the interior of our home.  All the common areas have been repainted and I am now in the process of putting it all back together!

We had the interior painted a lovely gray color (Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray) with ice white trim.  It's fresh and elegant looking.  Almost too elegant to put back all the knick knacks and "cute" stuff I have collected over the years.  Soooooo...this seems like the perfect time to do some major reorganizing and decluttering.

Part of the redecorating plan is to make new window coverings for all the rooms, starting with my office.  After much searching on the Internet, I was able to find material in the weight and color I was looking for, to make nine faux Roman shades.  The truly amazing thing is that I was able to find exactly what I wanted for only $5.00 a yard for 54" decorator fabric!  Is that a bargain or what?  The total cost for 9 windows, including taxes and shipping, was only $107.00.  Pretty impressive for 18 yards of decorator fabric, right?  Since I knew the color I wanted to use and the price I was willing to pay, I plugged both into the search window ( and they showed me all available fabrics within those parameters.  This is the one I chose.

At I found two cotton slipcovers for my wing chairs for under $100.00 for bothNot only were they on clearance, but SureFit was giving an extra 25% off on one item.  Woohoo!

My office is a large room with lots of light from  nine windows and a french door, so the black and white should not be overwhelming.  However, I do need a nice accent color.  Any suggestions?

I plan to start the window coverings as soon as the fabric arrives on Tuesday, so by next week I will hopefully, be able to show you a completed room!

Can't wait to hear your ideas on an accent color!

Thanks for stopping by!

                                         ~NORMA JEAN~


  1. Teal or red for accent Norma. My favs. Glad you came back.

    1. I was thinking red too, but I like the idea of teal. Thanks for the suggestion.