Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's that time of year again. . .you know. . .when weeds threaten to overtake the world.

We have a large courtyard covered in stone.  Unfortunately, the stones were laid without mortar or cement.  I was hoping that over time, moss would grow between them, giving the stones an "old world, been there forever" appearance.  However, the only thing I have been able to grow (and grow in abundance!) is more weeds!  BIG weeds, little weeds, pretty weeds, ugly weeds. . . so many weeds. 

Initially, I would pull the weeds from between each and
every stone.  It involved several days of back-breaking work, aching muscles and cramped fingers.  Sadly, before I could claim victory, I would discover that the menacing little devils were growing back!

Then one day, I discovered Pinterest!  Pinterest has hundreds of ways to rid your yard of weeds.  I tried a few, but they didn't work very well.  Until. . .I discovered the answer to all my weed woes.  It was a simple formula that could be made in the average kitchen, by anyone. . .and the most amazing thing. . .it actually worked.  It killed those little weeds dead!

In the photos you see half of the courtyard a week after it had been sprayed with the magic formula, and the other half of the courtyard in it's natural un-sprayed state!

This magical Pinterest formula won't harm you. . .or your children
 . . .or your pets. . .but. . .the death bell will toll for all those nasty little weeds.

You will need:  1 gallon of cider vinegar
                            1/2 cup of table salt
                            1 T. of Dawn dish washing detergent

Mix well, pour into a spray bottle and SPRAY, SPRAY, SPRAY!  If you choose a warm, sunny day to try this, you will see the weeds withering and dying within a couple of hours.  I would avoid watering the area for a day or two so that none of the magic potion washes away.  I would also use caution around plants that you don't want to wither and die!

"L.B.P." (Life Before Pinterest) was so-o-o-o-o hard, wasn't it?

Thanks for stopping by!

                                                        ~Norma Jean~

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